About Chester & Pearl

Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Traci, the owner, creator, and dreamer at Chester & Pearl. By way of New Jersey and Florida, I now happily call Raleigh, North Carolina, home with my husband and two sons. We adopted Chester and Pearl as kittens in September of 2020.

For five years, I fostered over 100 rescue cats and kittens from my home office and experienced the importance of play for cats firsthand. Providing an outlet for a cat’s natural hunting instincts is crucial when raising a happy and healthy kitty, and helps alleviate boredom which can lead to behavior issues.

I love making a variety of cat toys that engage those hunting senses by mimicking different types of prey and encouraging both solo and interactive play for you to bond with your kitty. Let me help you give your kitty a happy and fulfilling life!

Chasers interactive cat toy in action
Interactive cat toy color lineup

Giving Back

It is my dream to not only create toys your cat will love, but to give back to wonderful animal rescues that work tirelessly to save the tiny and helpless.

Chester & Pearl joyfully donates a portion of all sales profits to animal rescue organizations here in central North Carolina.