Chester playing with an interactive cat toy

Play with your cat!

An interactive cat toy is important for your kitty’s health and for you two to spend quality time bonding.

Chasers cat toys allow you to create hunting scenarios for your kitty so they can act on their natural hunting instincts.


Drag the Chaser interactive cat toy on the floor like a mouse.

Fling it into the air so your kitty jumps to catch the bird.

Let it play dead.

Make it suddenly come to life again to escape your ferocious little hunter.

Not only will your kitty get exercise and act on those natural hunting instincts, you’ll be entertained in the process!

Chasers make a loud crinkle sound that grabs your kitty’s attention while the prey-simulating movement you create can make even kitties who “don’t play with toys” go wild!

Chasers interactive cat toy in action
Interactive cat toy color lineup

Play for ten minutes once or twice a day … or whenever your kitty needs a distraction from boredom naughtiness.

I usually get Pearl’s Chaser out after she’s bored from her other toys and keeps insisting on jumping up on kitchen counters or trying to open cabinets. Redirect their attention with some interactive playtime when you get tired of saying “stop that” or “get down from there!”

Chasers use soft, durable minky fabric instead of feathers which commonly fall apart, leaving chewing hazards behind. This interactive cat toy is made to last and is even washable.

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Minky and crinkly interactive cat toys that bring out your kitty’s natural hunting instincts.

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