Stalk … Chase … Kitty on the hunt!

Pouncers cat toys make your kitty feel like the mighty hunter they are!

Pearl playing with a Pouncer cat toy

Cats are natural predators and allowing your kitty to act on their hunting instincts is important for keeping them happy and healthy.

Sensing the catnip and silver vine blend piques their curiosity. The slightest bat with a paw sends this little lightweight toy scooting across the floor. And the crinkle sound makes Pouncers an irresistible hunting toy.

Kitties enjoy swatting, kicking, carrying, chewing, hugging, pouncing, and loving these little toys. They’re great for tossing and playing “fetch” for interactive play, too!

Chasers interactive cat toy in action
Interactive cat toy color lineup

Pouncers are made from durable canvas material that won’t immediately fall apart.

The silver vine and catnip blend inside is attractive to more cats than just plain catnip.

Loud crinkle material acts on another of your kitty’s senses.

And a little poly fill combined with the Pouncer’s offset design always keeps this toy landing upright and ready for the next pounce.

Bestselling Pouncers Cat Toys

A trio of cat chase toys made of durable cotton canvas material printed with cute and stylish patterns, and filled with crinkle material and a catnip and silver vine herb blend.

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