Kicker Cat Toys

"Wow, everything about this cat toy is amazing. Professionally packaged, but still super cute. Best of all my cat loves the toy - she can't decide if she wants to kill it or cuddle it."

- Laura

Orange tabby cat playing with a Kicker catnip cat toy

Kicker cat toys satisfy your kitty’s innate urge to capture and defeat their prey. Giving them cat toys designed to kick is a safe way for cats to act on those urges … and keep your arms and ankles scratch-free!

The Kicker is made from a durable canvas material that’s tough enough to withstand those clawed kicks. They're filled with strong catnip and make a loud crinkle sound so kitties keep kicking.

All Kicker cat toys are handmade by me (Hi! 👋 I'm Traci!) in my Raleigh, North Carolina studio using custom fabrics of my own original graphic designs.

3 for $36 Cat Toy Bundle

Save when buying 3 or more catnip + crinkle cat toys. Add any combination of 3 Pouncer trios and/or Kickers to your cart and receive a $2 discount on each toy!