Kicker Cat Toys

Orange tabby cat playing with a Kicker catnip cat toy

Kicker cat toys satisfy your kitty’s innate urge to capture and defeat their prey. Giving them cat toys designed to kick are a safe way for cats to act on those urges … and will keep your arms and ankles scratch-free!

These cat toys are the perfect solution for redirecting natural hunting instincts from aggressive sneak attacks.

The Kicker is made from a durable canvas material that’s tough enough to withstand those clawed kicks and won’t immediately fall apart.

Two heaping tablespoons of a silver vine and catnip blend are inside – silver vine is often attractive to cats who don’t respond to catnip.

The crinkle material agitates kitties even more so they keep kicking.

"Wow, everything about this cat toy is amazing. Professionally packaged, but still super cute. Best of all my cat loves the toy - she can't decide if she wants to kill it or cuddle it."

- Laura