Cat TV Cat Toy Collection

Inspired by the birds and squirrels that Chester and Pearl watch every day, these are the perfect toys for allowing your kitty to act on their natural hunting instincts after getting riled up from a good episode of Cat TV outside the window!

These cat toys patterns have a hometown touch with North Carolina backyard birds - cardinals, blue jays, goldfinches, and Carolina chickadees - and a squirrel pattern that includes scattered acorns and oak leaves inspired by our home in Raleigh, the City of Oaks.

And this collection doesn't neglect a cat's favorite indoor Cat TV show - the fish tank!

Kitties love swatting, kicking, carrying, chewing, hugging, and pouncing small Pouncers cat toys while catnip crinkle Kicker toys are designed to endure your little hunter's "bunny kicks" and keep your arms scratch-free.

3 for $36 Cat Toy Bundle

Save when buying 3 or more catnip + crinkle cat toys. Add any combination of 3 Pouncer trios and/or Kickers to your cart and receive a $2 discount on each toy!