Our Story

Hi, there!

I’m Traci, the owner, creator, and dreamer at Chester & Pearl. By way of New Jersey and Florida, I now happily call Raleigh, North Carolina, home with my husband, two sons, and two rescue cats - Chester and Pearl.

Traci with Chester and Pearl

Several years ago, I followed my heart by veering off an unfulfilling career path as a web programmer to creating cat beds in my garage. A drastic change is exactly what I needed and constructing with wood and sewing fabric for the benefit of animals I love was certainly a needed contrast after sitting in front of a computer screen all day, every day for more than a decade!

While cats loved the cat tents and beach chair cat beds, it wasn’t until I began making catnip toys from the fabric scraps for the ever-changing groups of rescue kittens in my fostering room that this business truly found its purpose.

Since then, I’ve sewn thousands of cat toys to satisfy little hunters’ instincts and soon began designing the fabric patterns which allowed for expansion beyond cat toys to creating products for cat lovers.

Cats fill our lives with joy, so it’s my goal to help you give your cat a fulfilling life with toys that allow them to act on their natural hunting instincts by encouraging both solo and interactive play to bond with your kitty.

And I want to bring joy to your life by offering cat-themed products that simply make you smile.

Every sale is also helping rescue cats just like Chester and Pearl. Read more about Our Mission.