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HUNT - Interactive Cat Toys
POUNCE - catnip and crinkle chase cat toys
CAPTURE - catnip and crinkle kicker cat toys

Your cat is a hunter. Give them toys to hunt!

Providing an outlet for a cat’s natural hunting instincts is important when raising a happy and healthy kitty, and saving you frustration by avoiding behavior problems.

The goal of Chester & Pearl is to provide a variety of cat toys to stimulate all those hunting senses and to mimic different types of prey with both interactive and solo play.

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Cute and stylish cat toys that satisfy your little predator’s natural hunting instincts.

Floral Chaser interactive cat toy
Boho Pouncers cat toys
set of cat toys
Cute kitties catnip kicker cat toy
Cats and House Plants cat toy set
Watercolor flowers kicker cat toy
Cute Cat Toys Set
Teal Chaser interactive cat toy
Cats and House plants catnip kicker
Pouncers catnip cat toys

5% to Cats in Need

5% to Cats in Need

Chester & Pearl joyfully donates a portion of all sales profits

to animal rescue organizations in central North Carolina.

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